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Born in Phoenix and based in Los Angeles, Brandon grew up with a loving pair of Mexican-Immigrant parents. As a child, They knew they wanted to work in entertainment. They grew up writing short stories, and eventually created YouTube videos at the age of 13, self teaching themself how to edit via Final Cut Pro and Photoshop. Brandon moved to Los Angeles at 19 to work in the entertainment industry, and currently attends Chapman University as a Creative Producer and Screenwriting major. Proudly queer, Brandon hopes to inspire other queer Latin individuals to work in an industry that deserves more diversity and share each others stories.
Their goals? To write, direct, and produce their own TV show.

"I believe that the film industry lacks proper representation of Latino/a/x people, we deserve to share stories about comedies and thrillers, and not just our stereotypes of drug trafficking and violence. We're worth more than that, and that's what I want to change. We will fix the industry, and it starts with short stories of our own people."
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